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The art of brilliance

Of the 4Cs, cut has the greatest effect on brightness — and is the only factor that can be influenced by the craftsman. If the cut is too shallow or too deep, light will not be properly reflected, diminishing brightness. When the facets are ideally proportioned, light is reflected to dazzling effect. Conversely, even a flawless diamond that is poorly cut will be dull.

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A love that shines like no other – PROMESSA and Infini Love Diamond™

Express the full depth of your love with the allure of PROMESSA featuring Infini Love Diamonds. Each Infini Love Diamond boasts proportions, symmetry and polish that outshine even the finest 3EX diamonds.

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Personalised Jewellery Service

Brilliance at any budget

Choose from a range of materials and diamonds. Either the Infini Love Diamond™ or choice of a dazzling diamond

Tailored to your schedule

No matter for a spontaneous or long-awaited proposal, your creation can be ready at the soonest

Precise laser engraving

Choose a typeface to beautifully express your loving words

Complimentary birthstone setting

For a personal touch, add up to 2 birthstones on selected styles*
Discover your birthstone

85 years plus of heartfelt artistry

Our heritage of craftsmanship is your guarantee of quality

Fall in Love in 4 Easy Steps


Choose the type of jewellery


Choose your style


Pick your diamond


Personlised on your own

Personalise Your Ring

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